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Consecutive, simultaneous and liaison interpretation during high-level sessions with federal chancellors, heads of state and government, ministers, government delegations and members of parliament, public events and ceremonies, press conferences, public launches, TV appearances and court sessions form the basis of my wide-ranging experience.

I will be glad to accompany you during your study visits, official meetings, conferences or other organized events – in Berlin, Vienna, London, Brussels, or any other place in Europe.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation is provided in the following language pairs:

English – Macedonian          Macedonian – English

German – Macedonian         Macedonian – German

Macedonian interpreter

Member of the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD) within the German Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) with Macedonian (A), English, German (B).

In addition to the interpretation services, I am happy to provide translation of any conference papers and documentation you may require.


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