Particular experience and terminology specialisation in the area of International Affairs, Government and Politics (EU, UN), Law and Justice, Patents, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medicine, Medical Devices, and Transportation.

Certified translations:

As a duly sworn translator for the Macedonian language at the Regional Court of Munich I (Landgericht Muenchen I) in Bavaria, Germany, I'm authorised to certify my translation of legal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, legal contracts, diploma certificates, etc. The certified translations from Macedonian into German and vice versa include a statement certifying the accuracy and the completeness of the translation and are required and recognised by the courts, public authorities, schools, and other institutions.

The translation services can be provided in the following language pairs: English – Macedonian, Macedonian – English, German – Macedonian and Macedonian – German.

Should you require translation in other language pairs, such as English – Serbian, Serbian – English, German – Serbian and Serbian – German, please feel free to contact me for further assistance.

To ensure ready-to-print quality of your texts, I will be also happy to provide editing and proofreading services.




My clients are international organisations and their agencies and institutions (UN, EU), federal and state ministries at ministerial and operational level, federal and regional state authorities and their agencies,

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