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Latest publications:

  • Teacher training reference literature , “Teaching Reading for Comprehension in the Early Grades, Literacy Local Provider Training – Reading, Trainer’s Guide” Clair, Holdgreve-Resendez, Monson, Westrick, 2009 (EN—>MK)
  • “Starting Out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children's Reading Success” Burns, Griffin, Snow – “Да станеме вистински читачи: водич за унапредување на успешното читање кај децата” 2009 (EN—>MK)
  • “Early Learning and Development Standards for Children from 0 – 6 Years” / Damovska, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Macedonia, ISBN 978-9989-2263-7-3, 2009 (MK—>EN)



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